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History of Our Church

The C.S.I. Christ Church Alandur, came into existence in the year 1865 due to the outreach ministry of the CSI Zion Church Chintadaripet. Initially built as a school, the same was used as a place of worship where the Worship form of the church missionary society (CMS) was practiced initially that went up to 1950.

In 1883, Alandur, congregation became a pastorate and Rev. J. Sathiyanathan was the first presbyter who ministered in the church for 11yrs (1885-1896). When the church of South India (CSI) was formed in 1947, the pastorate automatically became a part of the Diocese of Madras.

It was in the year 1952, the church adapted the SPG (Anglican) order of service and continues to be one of the few churches in the Diocese, where Anglican worship form is practiced.

Since then the church is continually on the path of progress, the number of the families increased from 50 in 1950 to around 500 families now in 2017.

The members of the church are spread out vastly, most of whom reside at various places of the south Madras. This congregation consists of members who are from different walks of life. There are a number of professors, Teachers, Lawyers, bureaucrats, I.T. professionals, who render their support to the church using their influence in their respective areas of vocation.

The church is more accommodative in spirit, in the sense that even the members who came from non-Anglican backgrounds are made to feel at home worshiping here, as there is always much room for flexibility and adaptability in fulfilling the genuine aspirations of our members.

CSI Christ Church

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