Christ Church Alandur

We Exist to Help People Find & Follow Jesus Christ

The church is more accommodative in spirit, in the sense that even the members who came from non-Anglican backgrounds are made to feel at home worshiping here, as there is always much room for flexibility and adaptability in fulfilling the genuine aspirations of our members. Everyone is welcome here.



Give, and it will be given to you. - Luke 6:38

This is a unique and troubling time, where everything around us is changing everyday. One thing that has not changed, however, is the message and mission of our church. We exist ‘to know Jesus and make Jesus known’, and in this season we are determined to share the beauty, truth and relevance of Jesus for those who are spiritually, emotionally and physically in need.


In the midst of all this change, you might be feeling anxious, lonely, and upset. We know that God knows, and we want to help you find his comfort. If you’d like a chat and a prayer, let us know; we have a dedicated team of people who would love to support you.


Everything has suddenly been flipped upside down, and you might need some help. You might, for instance, be home-bound and need shopping to be delivered, or you’re struggling with IT issues, or your lawn is around your ears. There may be some limitations on what we can do - but we are determined to help as much as we can, so please let us know what you need.


In a moment of crisis, God often gives us an urge to help others. There’s lots of ways to do it, too; perhaps you can cook a meal for someone, or help support a health professional as they work on the frontlines, or give someone a phone call. It could be anything - let us know how you’d like to serve.

Service Timings

Communion Service

1st day of every month – 06:30 AM

1st & 3rd Sunday every month – 08:30 AM

2nd Sunday every month – 06:30 PM

4th & 5th Sunday every month – 06:30 AM

General Service

2nd & 4th Sunday every month – 08:30 AM

All Sundays every month – 06:30 PM

5th Sunday Praise & Worship service – 06:30 PM

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