CSI Christ Church Alandur

Ministries at mission compound

(No.375. M.KN. Road Opp. Police Quarters Alandur)


The History

The mission compound situated at No.375, M.K.N. Road Alandur, Chennai.16, just opposite the police quarters St. Thomas Mound is truly God’s gift to us.


The missionaries who pioneered the work of evangelism during the pre-Independence Period in this part of the city, thoughtfully obtained this place measuring around 10,500sqft where a country tiled structure was built to house the presbyters who came to minister in the CSI Christ Church, Alandur


A host of presbyters resided at the mission compound till 1999 when the old tiled structure became dilapidated and unusable. The place became a cynosure in the eyes of the public for all negative reasons, and lying in ruins till the year 2012.


By the sheer Grace of God and through sustained efforts of presbyter and the members of the church the old parsonage which was in ruins and utter dilapidated condition was renovated at a cost of around Rs.9.5.lakhs and the same was rededicated on 04/01/2014 by Rt. Rev. Dr. V. Devasahayam, the former Bishop of the Diocese.


Having accomplished this task, it was decided to make use of the Mission compound with the newly renovated building to serve the society and community in its neighbourhood. The Lord granted us a vision to see the possibilities of reaching the un-reached with the Gospel through non-conventional ministries. Hence the following two ministries such as,

1. Tiny Tots Play School
2. Adam & Eve marriage bureau

were started by our former Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Devasahayam, on 04/01/2015, which are serving the people effectively till date.

Tiny Tots Play School

This vital ministry is carried out by a team of around 15 dedicated teachers under the guidance of the Sunday school superintendent.


This play school functions, occupying a major portion of the renovated building at the mission compound. This school provides an ideal ambience to the toddlers who are admitted here. The class room measuring 1000sqft has marble tiled floor, modern toilet facilities, false roofing and has a provision of variety of toys & play items for the toddlers to enjoy. There is also a provision of T.V. and VCD player, for the joyful learning of the children.


We have a team of teachers and staff who are highly motivated to the task and well experienced in child care.The school is attached with a kitchen, where the children get nourishment at regular intervals. In the afternoon, the children invariably enjoy playing under shade of the trees that add to the beauty of the mission compound.


The present strength: of the school has 15 toddlers out of whom 10 belong to play school and 5 belong to day care.


The school time:

a. Play school – 9 am – 1 pm (Monday to Friday)
b. Day Care-9 am – 5 pm (Monday to Saturday)

The play school can accommodate maximum number of 25 children. Hence the school aims at building up the strength of the school by encouraging more admission this year.

Adam & Eve marriage bureau

The common problem that most of the Christian families face these days is to find suitable life partner to their grown up children


Most of the Christian families who want to see their children get married at an appropriate time are finding their efforts more difficult and hazardous. Making use of this demand a scores of individuals and christen organizations have entered into this area promising to offer help through Christian matrimonial services. But unfortunately the parents are made to pay exorbitant amount by many of these individuals / organizations as fee for registering their children for marriage. Hence this has become a totally commercial endeavour now.


Considering such difficulties the parents face, a full pledged office for ‘Adam & Eve Marriage Bureau’ was opened at the mission compound 04/01/2014, to provide matrimonial service purely on non-commercial and service motive.


The Adam and Eve marriage bureau now has a collection of over 200 profiles of Christian men and women waiting for marriage and enjoys patronage of Christians of all denominations. As we have endeavoured on this effort purely on service motive, a meager amount of just Rs.300/- is charged as registration fee. The office has ample space for the parents to go through the profiles in a relaxed manner.


Efforts are already on to link the services of Adam & Eve marriage bureau with the website of our church.

For More Details

M. Stanley Rajkumar,
Admin Officer,
Mobile: 8015757256

CSI Mission Compound
No. 375, M.K.N. Road,
Alandur, Chennai – 600016
Phone: 044-22320034

Landmark: Near State Bank of India and close to Mount Railway station.

Working Hours: Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM