CSI Christ Church Alandur

Church History

The C.S.I. Christ Church Alandur, came into existence in the year 1865 due to the outreach ministry of the CSI Zion Church Chintadaripet. Initially built as a school, the same was used as a place of worship where the Worship form of the church missionary society (CMS) was practiced initially that went up to 1950.

In 1883, Alandur, congregation became a pastorate and Rev. J. Sathiyanathan was the first presbyter who ministered in the church for 11yrs (1885-1896). When the church of South India (CSI) was formed in 1947, the pastorate automatically became a part of the Diocese of Madras.

It was in the year 1952, the church adapted the SPG (Anglican) order of service and continues to be one of the few churches in the Diocese, where Anglican worship form is practiced.

Since then the church is continually on the path of progress, the number of the families increased from 50 in 1950 to around 500 families now in 2017.

The members of the church are spread out vastly, most of whom reside at various places of the south Madras. This congregation consists of members who are from different walks of life. There are a number of professors, Teachers, Lawyers, bureaucrats, I.T. professionals, who render their support to the church using their influence in their respective areas of vocation.

The church is more accommodative in spirit, in the sense that even the members who came from non-Anglican backgrounds are made to feel at home worshiping here, as there is always much room for flexibility and adaptability in fulfilling the genuine aspirations of our members.

Church Building

The Structure
The church is built on a plinth area of 3500sq.ft. It is a triangle shaped structure, without any pillars in between converging to wards the rear side where the Altar is built. This facilitates the worshippers to have a full view of the Altar, without any obstruction. A person sitting any where in the church will have a total and obstructive view of the Altar.


Architecture: The frontage of the church building gives a semi circular view, and the wall is provided with exposed brick work of rectangular size, to present an elegant look.


Doors: The main door is provided in the middle and there are four side doors two for gents and two for women.


Ventilators: The church is provided with a row of ventilators running although from one end of the church building to the other providing sufficient ventilation.


The Vestry: Is provided behind the Altar and the choir room is located on top of it.


Balcony: Balcony is provided at a height of 8’ above the floor level, which has two stairs facilitating easy movements of worshippers. The balcony provides additional space, where around 100 people can be accommodated.


The belfry: Deviating from the gothic style, a novel, modern architecture style is adapted having the bell fixed atop (78ft) and neon cross fixed above all, which could be seen people from a long-distance.


The Governance of the church: The church is administered by a committee called the pastorate committee whose members are elected biennially and function under the presbyter who is also the chairman of the committee.

Pastorate Committee

Members of the present Pastorate Committee (2020 – 2023)

1. Mr. Augustus Ambrose (Secretary)
2. Mr. E. Deepan Francis (Treasurer)
3. Mr. PK. Manohar
4. Mr. Suresh Samuel
5. Mr. Immanuel Selvasingh
6. Mr. Jabasteen Selvakumar
7. Mr. Selvam Joseph Watts
8. Mrs. Jeyakumari Gnanadoss
9. Mrs. Malliga Stanley
10. Mrs. Premalatha Jothidas 
11. Mrs. Devamani Stephen
12. Mrs. Delshya Stephen
13. Mrs. Abila James 
14. Mr. Alfred Solomon

1. Lay reader
Mr. Edward Mohan

2. Lay Preachers 
a) Prof. Lawrence

3. Lay Preachers – (Probationers) 
a) Mrs. Premlatha Percy  b) Mrs. Celina Fredrick

4. Choir Master
Mr. Winston Isaac

Mr. Kingsley, Mr. Emmanuel

6. Clerk
Mrs. Celina Jebaraj

7. Sexton
Mr. Antony Bernordshaw

8. Parish hall watchman
Mr. Manoharan

Gospel Work

The Church has a Gospel team which consists of consists of around 30 members of our church who have a great burden for reaching the un-reached. This team regularly meets in the church for prayer, and preparation of the Gospel work. Villages from the rural pockets of our Diocese are identified and Gospel work is done in such villages regularly on the 4th Sundays of the month. The Gospel team visits the village from 3p.m. to 6p.m. on such days and share the word of God through street preaching, distribution of tracts and conducting Sunday school for the children. The Gospel work is always continued in a selected village till new converts are won and Baptism given to them.
Our church does not completes its Gospel work in a village until a land is purchased and a church is built for the newly founded congregation there.


Past Achievements
It is heartening to register here that due to the fruitful evangelistic work carried out by our church new congregations were planted and churches constructed in the following villages such as,

a) Kilottivakkam near Kancheepuram at Rs.5lakhs
b) Kuzhippan Thandalam ( Thirukkalikunram Pastorate) at Rs.5 lakhs
c) Nellikuppam (Melrosapuram Pastorate) at Rs.7 lakhs in the year 2005
d) Mettukuppam (Gudivanchery Pastorate) at Rs.6 lakhs in the year 2009
e) Keelpodavoor (Sunguvar Chatram Pastorate) at Rs.8 lakhs in the year 2013
f) At Cheyyoor on the ECR Road at Rs.35 lakhs in the year 2014
g) A new mission field has been identified at Kavanoor village of CSI Padappai Pastorate in the year 2014 where Gospel work is carried our regularly on the 4th Sunday of every month.


Evangelism at Dr. Ambedkar Nagar
Our pastorate has ventured evangelistic work at Dr. Ambedkar nagar (slum area) where regular Sunday school for the children and worship services for the adults are conducted by Mr. Ebenezer Durairaj the Diocesan Missionary working within the boundaries of our pastorate. Our aim is to reach about 500 families of this area who are mostly from economically weaker section through the Gospel in future.


Future Plans
• To adopt a village every year, and after successful Gospel work build a church for the new converts
• To build a new Church every year in un-reached villages.
• To expand the ministries already initiated at. Dr. Ambedkar nagar
• To raise sufficient funds through Church members and others for construction of Churches in rural areas.

Our Presbyters

S.#NameYears served
42Rev. Rajan Devakumar (Late)2016 – 2017
41Rev. Dr. T. Sampath Bagavan Doss2012 – 2016
40Rev. R. Gunasekaran Koil Pillai2007 – 2012
39Rev. V. Paul Birla2004 – 2007
38Rev. M. Prabhakar Raja Sekaran1999 – 2004
37Rev. N. Manova Santhosham1993 – 1999
36Rev. Francis Raja Doss1988 – 1993
35Rev. P.J. Paul Raj1985 – 1988
34Rev. Bakthan Theophilus1983 – 1985
33Rev. P.J Premiah1982 – 1983
32Rev. P. Raja Ratnam1977 – 1982
31Rev. S. Moses Adam1972 – 1977
30Rev. I.S. Mills1971 – 1972
29Rev. I.S Mills1971 – 1972
28Rev. A.S. Chelliah1970 – 1971
27Rev. P.J Paul Raj1965 – 1967
26Rev. A. Samvel1964 – 1969
25Rev. A.T Pandian1964 – 1965
24Rev. David Thirugnana Prakasam1961 – 1964
23Rev. D.D Rajamanai1959 – 1964
22Rev. M.Durai Swami1959 – 1961
21Rev. T. Vedanayagam1956 – 1959
20Rev. John Roshiah1954 – 1959
19Rev. Barnabas Christian1952 – 1954
18Rev. P.E. Devadasan1946 – 1953
17Rev. David Arulnathan1944 – Apr-Dec
16Rev. Samvel Sathyanathan Clarke1944 – 1952
15Rev. R. Solomon1935 – 1938
14Rev. W.D. Gnana Prakasam1934 – 1944
13Rev. C. Jesudasan1933 – 1934
12Rev. S. Vedanayagam1920 – 1933
11Rev. Samuel S. Krishnan1918 – Mar-Oct
10Rev. W.D. Gnana Prakasam1918 – 1920
9Rev. G. Manikam1917 – 1918
8Rev. Samvel S. Krishnan1914 – 1917
7Rev W.D. Clarke1913 – 1914
6Rev. W.D Clarke1908 – 1909
5Rev. A. Savari Muthu1908 – 1909
4Rev. John Bonyan1906 – 1908
3Rev. W.D Clarke1902 – 1906
2Rev. D.A. Peter1896 – 1902
1Rev. J. Sathiyanathan1885 – 1896